Gallery 6

On-the-Job and Before-and-After shots of various projects in Australia.


Completed bamboo floor installation.


Old and very ugly kitchen


Contemporary kitchen after complete renovation.


Mark installing floor tiles.


Plaster walls up and taped


Completed room with tile floors.


Edinburgh, Scotland

The first two images below are from a project at Greenworks in Edinburgh, Scotland. This eco-conscious building materials company required a pavilion in the side yard of their site where they could give demonstrations and sponsor workshops. Mark was part of that building crew — and I did marketing and public relations work for the company.

Exterior pavilion under construction in Edinburgh, Scotland


Building and tilting up large wall frames for exterior pavilion.

Berlin, Germany

Mark consulting with a homeowner in Berlin, Germany

Normandy, France

Mark breaking down internal masonry walls in a French residence.

London, England


Mark building custom cabinetry


Mark plastering walls in Victorian house in London


Mark enameling custom cabinetry that he built

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