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One winter morning in the carefree London of the early 1990s, two world travellers from very different parts of the globe happened to meet over a bowl of cornflakes and a cup of tea in the breakfast room of a Chelsea hotel.

Mark and Deborah Harmes

Mark and Deborah Harmes

Many conversations, auto-train-ferry-trips, and adventures around Great Britain later — they married and and lived for awhile in Norfolk before becoming global citizens by residing on 3 different continents over a 23-plus year period.

Mark Harmes has been in the construction trades for over 2 decades and he restores houses (beautifully!) for a living. In his spare time he is a mad-keen cyclist, builder of occasional bits of custom furniture, and painter on canvas when he finds the time.

From traditional to contemporary style, newly constructed buildings or ancient European ones, Mark offers comprehensive renovation, finishing, and maintenance services. Deborah still acts as a consultant on occasion since she has certification as a professional interior designer from a London design school. Together they have purchased, restored, and sold houses in several countries.

New commissions are always welcomed.

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Deborah Harmes


Deborah is now doing writing, editing, and research for clients around the world.

Deborah Harmes, Ph.D. — Writer, Editor, and Photographer.

My photographic portfolio can be viewed at ALAMY — one of my best selling agencies Photography by Deborah Harmes — and I am always open to custom quotations for specific printing or digital use of these images.


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